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Dental fillings in Woodhaven

Woodhaven dentist
Woodhaven dentist

Dental fillings are often the only things standing between your teeth and a bacterial infection that can lead to root canal therapy. Furthermore, an unfilled cavity will typically grow larger and may render the tooth too weak to function without the help of a crown (cap). In the worst case scenarios, you may end up needing the tooth pulled. Here at Liberty Dental, Woodhaven dentist are proud to offer advanced dental fillings made out of composite or ceramic.

As dental plaque, and the hardened tartar that it turns into in time, erode your tooth enamel, eventually a hole forms, or what is popularly known as a dental cavity. In the past, the most common and sometimes only, option for fillings were amalgam, which meant metals such as gold and silver. They were strong, but they had some serious drawbacks to them. For one thing, the presence of mercury, which we now know to be toxic. For another, metal expands and contracts, leading to a greater possibility of tooth fractures. And for many people, the most glaring disadvantage was that they stood out. Our Woodhaven dentist provides tooth-colored fillings that blend in ideally with the color of your teeth. They also don’t put your teeth at risk for fractures, and they don’t contain mercury. Our Woodhaven dentist will help you to decide which material is most appropriate for your tooth, taking into consideration such factors as the location of the tooth, personal preferences, and your budget. Ceramic is more costly, but it also lasts longer. The good news is that with either choice, you will be ensuring that your tooth remains healthy and protected from infections and other problems.

Schedule an appointment for a twice-yearly examination. With the assistance of x-rays, any cavities will be detected by our Woodhaven dentist and addressed right away.

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