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Preventive care in Woodhaven

Woodhaven dentist
Woodhaven dentist

Preventive care includes daily brushing and flossing at home, along with two trips to usĀ Woodhaven dentist at Liberty Dental each year for a complete examination and teeth cleaning. Keeping you from suffering the worst consequences of tooth decay and gum disease takes less effort than most people think. And avoiding cavities and periodontal problems is a much better strategy than having to treat them once they have already occurred.

Tooth decay and gum disease are the result of dental plaque, the filmy bacterial substance that grows on teeth and at the gum line. Sugar and starch are catalysts for plaque, so the less you consume, the better the odds are for maintaining optimal oral wellness. You should brush your teeth upon waking each day, and then again at night before you go to sleep. Bedtime is also the most suitable opportunity to floss between your teeth. The goal is to remove most of the plaque you have. Some may manage to avoid the reach of your oral hygiene, though. It will eventually turn to a hardened substance called tartar. The hazards to your teeth from it are the same as with plaque, but you need a teeth cleaning to eliminate it. You’ll get them when you visit our Woodhaven dentist for your six month checkups. In addition to eradicating tartar buildup and residual plaque, teeth cleanings reverse the signs of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis, and halt the progression to advanced gum disease. As part of your check up, our Woodhaven dentist will also detect and promptly fill any cavities detected, thereby preventing them from growing larger and putting you at increased risk for toothaches, infections, and even the loss of a tooth.

For outstanding preventive care, contact our office right now and arrange a visit to see our Woodhaven dentist.

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