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1-visit crowns in Richmond Hills NY

Richmond Hills Cosmetic Dentist
Richmond Hills Cosmetic Dentist

There are plenty of different services that your dentist can provide for you in order to improve your dental health as well as your self-confidence. As important as dental cleanings, dental fillings and other treatments are, our Richmond Hills cosmetic dentist can also provide you with dental crowns that can improve the appearance of your teeth, restore your teeth or return them to their original shape in no time. Many dentists require that you schedule several visits when fitting and placing a dental crown but here at Liberty Dental, Dr. Gandhi can provide you with 1-visit crowns instead.

Dental crowns are used for a variety of dental purposes. This dental appliance is typically considered a cosmetic dental procedure as it restores the shape of your tooth. But, a dental crown can restore a tooth’s function as well. Dental crowns are typically used to restore a tooth to its original shape after root canal therapy. Because a considerable amount of the tooth mass is removed during this procedure, a dental crown can be used to bring the tooth back to its original, intended shape. This makes eating much easier again. Patients may require a dental crown for other reasons, though. A broken or chipped tooth can be restored just as easily as a tooth that has undergone endodontic work. A cracked tooth can benefit from a dental crown as the crown can keep the tooth from cracking any further and causing more damage. Crowns can also be used to cover discolored or yellowed tooth roots as well. Here at Liberty Dental, Dr. Gandhi can guarantee that, no matter what the reason, you can have your dental crown in just one day. With 1-visit crowns from our Richmond Hills cosmetic dentist, you will not have to schedule return visits for molds or fittings. Instead, Dr. Gandhi will be able to complete the entire procedure in just one visit.

If you are looking to restore your smile, you will not have to wait any longer or nearly at all. Here at Liberty Dental, our Richmond Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Gandhi can promise patients a simple 1-visit crown that will have their smile looking completely restored in no time.

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