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Richmond Hill Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill root canal
Richmond Hill root canal

The process of getting our Richmond Hill root canal is not a painful or difficult one, but it is a necessary one to repair an infected tooth. Otherwise, you would lose the tooth, and that brings with it complications and costs that are not pleasant. Here at Liberty Dental, our priorities are to promote your dental health and to help you keep your teeth whenever possible.

What are the causes that lead to needing our Richmond Hill root canal? The most common one is bacteria getting inside your tooth, where it typically is kept from by your tooth’s protective layers. The pulp, next to the nerve, becomes infected. You may also require root canal for a tooth that has been damaged, such as when it is knocked loose from its socket due to an accident or or other trauma. The symptoms that are most associated are pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, gum tenderness, and even tooth discoloration. Applying pressure to the tooth, or chewing with it tends to make the pain worse. It is essential that you do not delay seeking our treatment. There are two options. By far, the best one is our Richmond Hill root canal. The other is extraction, which is recommended only when the chances of a successful root canal are poor. Taking the tooth out leaves you with empty space in your smile, the likelihood of your other teeth shifting, possible discomfort, less efficient chewing, and maybe your jaws becoming misaligned. On the other hand, root canal means keeping your tooth, which with the assistance of a crown (cap) after healing, will be as strong, durable, and last as long as any other of your teeth.

Call us right away when you notice any of the signs of requiring a Richmond Hill root canal. We’ll have you seen as quickly as we can.

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