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Implants 11419

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Dental implants in 11419

Implants 11419
Implants 11419

To be a candidate for dental implants, call Liberty Dental today. We perform implants 11419 in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Patients must get a initial exam to make sure that they are a candidate for dental implants. Usually a candidate must have sufficient gum and bone in order to place the implant. Because the implant is placed directly into the jaw bone, the bone needs to be healthy and able to handle the size of the implant. Implants are procedures that are commonly done at our offices, among other tooth restoration methods. Usually the patient requests one after a tooth has been extracted.

An implant is a strong titanium post that is surgically drilled into the jawbone. At Liberty Dental, before you receive your implants 11419, we will first perform a comprehensive exam to make sure that you have the right conditions for implantation. If you are eligible, we will then schedule an appointment for you. We are open a wide variety of days and hours in order to schedule your implant procedure. We know that at Liberty Dental you’ll feel at home in our offices. We’re open 6 days a week, even on Saturdays, so that our patients have the choice of many options to come in and have dental services done.

Besides implants 11419, we also perform comprehensive dental exams, teeth whitening and routine surgical extractions. Ask about our root canal therapy and dentures and braces. Our website should list all of our services and give you plenty of the information you need to make an appointment with us. We have two locations for our patients convenience, one in Richmond Hill and one in Woodhaven, both in NY. We’re even open on Saturdays until 3:30pm, so patients with busy schedules can come in for an appointment.

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