Dentist Near Richmond Hill

Dentist Near Richmond Hill

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See that hard, sticky substance clinging to the edges of your teeth? That’s plaque. Not really something to be excited about. In fact, it’s generally regarded as an unwelcome sight. Its presence, silent as it may be, steadily harms gums and bone—eventually resulting in recession. Maybe that sounds a bit scary. It doesn’t have to be, not with the wonders of modern dentistry. Visit a dentist near Richmond Hill. Might as well visit a top-notch one at Liberty Dental.

Let’s backtrack a few steps. Not everyone is familiar with the effects of plaque. If you fall in that camp, we’ll clear it right up. So… what makes plaque such a big bad in the dental world? If you don’t get rid of that through diligent oral hygiene (brushing, flossing, and rinsing), residual plaque gets lodged between the teeth, builds up, and eventually becomes tartar. And once it gets to that point, you’ll want get it removed promptly. See tartar is like a feeding ground for bacteria. The presence of which attacks the gums and dental bone, eventually leading to gum disease. Gum recession and bone loss are common symptoms of this condition—irreversible effects that can only be patched up through intensive surgery. Yes, that sounds like a hassle. You can avoid all of it, though. Just make sure that you floss frequently, and don’t skip out on regular dentist near Richmond Hill checkups and cleanings—the kind you’ll get at Liberty Dental. Should be smooth sailing after that.

So what are you even waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself to high-quality dental services now. Remove that pesky plaque, liberating gums and bone from its damaging clutches. All you have to do is schedule an appointment at Liberty Dental. See our dentist near Richmond Hill to get your oral hygiene in tip-top condition.

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