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Implants 11419

Dental implants in 11419

Implants 11419

Implants 11419

To be a candidate for dental implants, call Liberty Dental today. We perform implants 11419 in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Patients must get a initial exam to make sure that they are a candidate for dental implants. Usually a candidate must have sufficient gum and bone in order to place the implant. Because the implant is placed directly into the jaw bone, the bone needs to be healthy and able to handle the size of the implant. Implants are procedures that are commonly done at our offices, among other tooth restoration methods. Usually the patient requests one after a tooth has been extracted.

An implant is a strong titanium post that is surgically drilled into the jawbone. At Liberty Dental, before you receive your implants 11419, we will first perform a comprehensive exam to make sure that you have the right conditions for implantation. If you are eligible, we will then schedule an appointment for you. We are open a wide variety of days and hours in order to schedule your implant procedure. We know that at Liberty Dental you’ll feel at home in our offices. We’re open 6 days a week, even on Saturdays, so that our patients have the choice of many options to come in and have dental services done.

Besides implants 11419, we also perform comprehensive dental exams, teeth whitening and routine surgical extractions. Ask about our root canal therapy and dentures and braces. Our website should list all of our services and give you plenty of the information you need to make an appointment with us. We have two locations for our patients convenience, one in Richmond Hill and one in Woodhaven, both in NY. We’re even open on Saturdays until 3:30pm, so patients with busy schedules can come in for an appointment.

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Dental Implants in Richmond Hill

What are Dental Implants?

Your missing and unhealthy teeth are a cause of disgust and insecurity. Say good-bye to your
dental worries! Dental implants can restore your natural look and confident smile.
Dental Implants
A screw like anchor used to replace the roots of your teeth with the artificial ones is known as the dental implant. The material it contains (e.g. The Titanium) is compatible with the human body. For years, dental specialists have used it on the jaws and gum tissues of the patients. Dental implants act as an anchor to support dentures, crowns and bridges.
You may use the dental implants for the replacement of one tooth or many. They fit in the mouth and need no extra support.
The Step by Step Process of Dental Implant
The dental implant is a month-taking solution and completes in 3 steps, i.e.
-The oral surgeon fits the implant into jaws and puts a screw inside. This is to keep the debris
away. Within 3-6 months, the implant will integrate together with the jawbone. Meanwhile, the
gums covering the implant ensures its -safety.
-The patient returns to the dentist in 2/3 months and let him uncover the implant. He attaches
an extension known as a “Post”. When the gum tissues heal, the dental implant and the post
function as a base for the new teeth.
-In the last step, the specialist prepares a crown to fit to your natural teeth. For this, he
considers a number of factors, including the shape, size and color. When he is done with it, he
bonds the crown with the post. Congrats! Be pleased to have a new elegant smile!
If you need to implant a single tooth, the process will complete in just one to two hours. The
recovery time varies from patient to patient. Normally, it is the matter of a few days. However,
your gum tissues and the jawbone may heal in three to six months.
Types of Dental Implants
Mainly, the types of dental implants are the Endosseous, Subperiosteal and Transosteal Implants.
Your dentist will suggest you, which type suits you the best.
Are There Any Side Effects of the Dental Implants?
This is a proven treatment and generally, regarded safe, secure and lasting lifetime. The side
effects may be the infection, tooth injury, sinus disorder, nerve damage, etc. But they are very
rare. If you face any of them, be tension free, because they are easy to treat.

We welcome you all to contact us for the best dental implants at:

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Dental implants in Richmond Hills

Richmond Hills tooth loss solution

Dental implants in Richmond Hills

Dental implants in Richmond Hills

Missing teeth are no laughing or smiling matter. Missing teeth can ruin your smile, the way you chew, or even speak. They can ruin your self-confidence and hamper your quality of life. Dental implants in Richmond Hills are providing missing tooth sufferers with alternatives to spaces between existing teeth or traditional dentures. Whether it is one missing tooth or a mouthful, dental implants can bring back your smile and make life much more comfortable and enjoyable. At Liberty Dental, our professional staff uses the latest techniques in implant dentistry to replace missing teeth with new ones that are anchored directly into your jawbone, you enjoy full biting and chewing function without slippage or the need for denture pastes. They also look and feel natural.

Dental implants in Richmond Hills begin with an evaluation and radiograph examination, which is followed by a conversation with our implant dentists. During these consultations the dentist will diagnose the status of your dental health and recommend the best tooth restoration procedure for your particular circumstances. We take the time to discuss each option and educate our patients until they are comfortable in their care decisions. The implant procedure begins with a metal anchor or anchors being surgically placed into the jawbone, which will gradually bond to the bone over the next three to six months. During this time you should be able to wear temporary dentures. After the anchor and bone have bonded the anchors will be uncovered and we will attach a small healing collar. Following this posts or attachments will be placed on the anchors to which your new teeth or dentures will be attached. These new teeth or dentures will be custom designed to fit you perfectly and let you bite and chew in complete comfort.

If you need a mouthful of new teeth dental implants in Richmond Hills have a number of options that our practice offers. Depending on your particular case you may have the option of getting implanted dentures that either you can take out to clean at any time, or more permanent implanted dentures that you leave in at all times and brush just as your own teeth, only a dentist will be able to take these implanted dentures out when necessary. In either case these full restoration implants will change your life by making it easier for you to eat, talk, preserve the contours of your face and give you back your self-confidence and your smile. Come in for a consultation with our implant dentistry team and we’ll begin the process of bringing back your smile.

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