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Richmond Hill Children’s Dentist

Pediatric Dental Exams in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Children's Dentist

Richmond Hill Children’s Dentist

Have you been wondering about where you will find an experienced and expert pediatric dentist? If so, you will be interested to learn about Liberty Dental. Our dentist, Dr. Gandhi, has studied at the NYU College of Dentistry and graduated in June 1991. He is a Richmond Hill children’s dentist who also provides excellent dental care for the entire family.

At Liberty Dental, our team of dental professionals work to provide all of our patients with caring, quality cosmetic dentistry at affordable prices. Not only do we offer specialized services for children, but we excel in dental care for the entire family as well. Our goal is to provide quality care for our patients, as though they are our own family. We strive to exceed your expectations, and want to keep your family as lifetime members of our dental practice. So, think of us not only as yourRichmond Hill children’s dentist but as the dentist for all of your family’s dental needs.

When you child has his or her first visit to our Richmond Hill children’s dentist, we make sure that it is a comfortable and fun experience for your child. One of our main goals is to make sure that your child learns to enjoy going to the dentist; this will ensure a lifetime of great dental health for your little one. And what could be a better gift than to make sure that his or her teeth are always beautiful and healthy. In addition, Dr. Gandhi is a major source of dental information for the parents of his youngest patients. He knows that parents often have questions about a child’s oral development. There are also many questions about the developmental stages that a child goes through as they pertain to dental care; some of the questions include topics such as when should children begin to brush their teeth, or when should a child no longer be allowed to use a pacifier. In addition, Dr. Gandhi is specially trained in all of the different developmental stages a child’s mouth, teeth and gums will go through. He is able to assess that your child’s oral development is coming along as it should, or detect any problems before they are fully developed, and harder to treat. So, if you are looking for a great pediatric dentist, or even a great dentist for the entire family, contact us today to make an appointment to see Dr. Gandhi at Liberty Dental.

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