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Gum disease periodontal disease

How do you know you are suffering from gum disease
What are the leading cause of gum
How to treat gum disease?
Signs of gum disease. A) Bleeding gums
B) Swollen and red Gums
C)tooth mobility
D) pain on chewing
E)food getting stuck in between teeth
Dr Milan Gandhi has been practicing dentistry in south Richmond hill and Woodhaven Jamaica
location for past 25 years and gathered all this information from tearing and diagnosing the local
population which is predominantly West Indian , Indian. And Hispanic
causes of gum disease
1) lack of knowledge on proper brushing technique and flossing
2) crooked teeth leading to food impaction and difficulty in cleaning and flossing
3)missing teeth and not replacing on time leads to tooth movement over time and causing food
3) Medications Certain blood pressure and epilepsy medication cause swollen gums
4) Hormonal changes such as pregnancy and puberty in females predisposes them to swollen
gums therefore oral hygiene has to be impeccable to avoid bleeding gums
1) Daily flossing and brushing
2) Replace missing teeth asap
3) orthodontic treatment on time
4) removal of impacted wisdom teeth
Recognizing and early treatment is the best solution
1) simple visit to dentist and getting cleaning with Cavitron 2 times a year will take care of most
2) Scaling and root planing for more complex condition where pocket depths are deeper
3) periodontal surgery Gingevectomy bone grafting in more complex cases with pocket depth
over 6/7 mm
Arestin antibiotic treatment has shown to improve gum healing when used with any above
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